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Psycop Cast...

Set in contemporary San Diego, a pair of detectives one with paranormal abilities works for the major case squad. They're sent in when the problem is too much for investigation to handle. Abilities are real in this world and include those that would be considered "possible" by today's standards such as empathy, clairvoyance, medium, touch-telepathy. Abilities are based on a 1-7 power scale with 1 being the weakest and 7 being most powerful and rare. This context is based on the books of Jordan Castillo Price.

Name Description Image
  The Living  

Aaden Tierney


37, male, protagonist, psycop, medium

Reed Thompson


38, male, protagonist, psycop, stiff (non-psych), wealthy
Chief Braxton Chief of the San Diego Major Crimes Bureau and boss of Aaden and Reed
Jaelle gypsy psychic whose abilities have yet to be revealed
Vadona Jaelle's mother and powerful gypsy psychic that can read auras and see into past lives
  The Dead  

Jacob Masters


Jacob Masters is a former life of Aaden Tierney. Jacob was an indentured servant that was wrongly accused of a crime against the crown in London and sent to live in the New World.

William Saunders


William Saunders is a former life of Reed Thompson. Reed was an influential architect of the New World, a minor noble sent to America to govern on behalf of his father.
Johnny Koren deceased, psycop, stiff (non-psych), former partner to Aaden, has a wife named Mary and a toddler son named Jay


Images were obtained in the public domain. If you find an image that should not be present, please contact the administrator. This RP was independently written as fan fiction and inspired by the creative work of JCP. No profit will be made by this work. To learn more about JCP and support her work visit her site and buy her books. Thanks JCP for inspiring us!